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How To Double Your Profits In Months With Our LEAN End to End Business Transformation Programme..

The Quickest Way To Grow Your Profits Exponentially..

This programme is designed to transform your business and to help you get back your financial freedom.

It will allow you to work ON your business and not IN it. Our unique Business Transformation Programme gets into the nitty gritty of each element of your business. This Programme will transform your entire business. Not only do we apply the "Business Is A Science" elements of THE FORMULA, but we also help implement end to end LEAN processes into your business, helping drive down cost and drive up efficiency.

We can help you achieve exceptional results in your companies profitability. We use unique diagnostics and hundreds of proven strategies to improve each part of your business. We focus on the following key areas;

Sales & Marketing

Lead Conversion

Colleague Engagement

Financial Management

Business Planning & Fundamentals

LEAN principles & operational efficiency

Business Automation & Systemisation

Cost Efficiency

100's of tools & techniques that will deliver improvement into your business.

Do You Want To Accelerate Your Business Performance?

Tired Of Getting The Same Old Results?

Struggling In Your Business?

Spending To Much Time Working In Your Business Rather Than On Your Business?

Want To Double Your Profits Within 12 Months?

  • Create a constant flow of leads by using the 100's of tools and techniques which will sky rocket your lead generation

  • Implement Business Fundamentals into your organisation which means your business is fit for the future with an infrastructure that helps you, your team and your customers get out of it what they need

  • Learn to build a profitable business that provides consistent results without you having to be there. Proven systems to take your business to the next level

  • Step by Step Playbooks, checklists & templates to make a simple to apply each tactic in your business

  • Build raving fans in your customer base and grow repeat business

  • Developing a highly engaged team, capable of performing and delivering your vision and company goals

  • Using the principles of LEAN in our programme will help you make your business as efficient as it can be..

    The Formula

    Use THE FORMULA to drive improvements in your sales and marketing. The proven methodology to transform your sales & profits.

    Discover the 5 'key components' of THE FORMULA and implement them seamlessly into your business, no matter how new or established, or what products or services you sell, or how large or small or whether it's online or offline or a traditional 'bricks and mortar'. The 5 components are the cornerstone of THE FORMULA and are missing from almost every business.

    LEAN Principles & Kaizen

    LEAN is a way of working that originally came out of Toyota. It is a set of tools, techniques and principles that drive wastes out of your operation. That can be wasted time, defects or errors, wasted movement or over processing something along with several other elements of waste. Introducing LEAN principles lets you bring long lasting and sustainable efficiency improvement into your organisation.

    Unique Business Diagnostic With Structured Action Plan

    We use our unique business diagnostic tool to get to the root of your business. This unique tool will analyse your business and determine how much additional profit could be made. It produces a profit forecast, along with an action plan that can be used to implement a number of strategies which will drive improvement in your enterprise.

    The action plan that we develop with you will take you through all elements of your business, driving improvement at every stage.   Using the principles of LEAN, the Formula and the Profit Equation, our structured system gives you the real opportunity to double your profits over a 12 month period.  We give you everything you need to succeed.

    Profit Focussed

    Right from the get go, we focus on your numbers in order to get to quick wins which will help you generate more money for the business. Using KPI management and regular weekly reporting, we seek to bring focus on those key numbers to help drive exponential growth.

    We Aim To Help You Double Your Profit In Just 12 Months

    Join The Programme Now..
  • Get more leads, increase sales, accelerate your growth, build a highly engaged team, implement LEAN techniques, DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS and seriously improve the value of your business... The "Business Is Not Luck" Online Programme gives you everything you need to grow your business quickly & cost effectively

  • Here's what you get when you buy the programme..

  • Step by step and easy to understand modules with explanatory video, templates, checklists and 100's of proved tactics and strategies for you to implement.

  • Over 30 hours of video instruction. Take it at your own pace allows you to fully digest each element and walk through the templates and guides

  • The unique business diagnostic gets to the heart of your business and gives priorities of the elements you should work on in order to drive the change.

  • Unique and specific action plan giving you the suggested strategies to use in order to transform your business.

  • This Online Complete End To End LEAN Business Transformation Programme Gives You Everything You Need To Grow Your Business, Make It More Profitable, Run Without You and Build Its Value

    Here's What You Will Learn With This Leading End To End LEAN Transformation Programme

    Curriculum is packed with tools, techniques and strategies to drive significant improvements in all of your business activity.

    Welcome & Getting Started

  • About Cultiv8 Business

  • Programme Overview

  • Baseline Diagnostic and Where You Are Today

  • The Power of Exponential Growth & The Profit Equation

  • Business Fundamentals

  • Vision & Mission

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Plan & 90 Day Planning

  • Organisational Plan

  • Financial Management

  • Revenue & Profit Budget

  • Cashflow Forecast & Purchase To Pay Gap

  • Balance Sheet & Working Capital

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Marketing #1


  • The Core Elements

  • Transforming Your Words Into Riches

  • Marketing #2

  • 101 x Marketing Strategies

  • Tactical Marketing Plan

  • How to.... Facebook, LinkedIN, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Adwords, Referrals.. etc

  • Sales Management

  • Story of Sales 4S

  • Lead Conversion, Strategies & Techniques

  • Your Pricing

  • Closing Sales

  • Dealing With Objections

  • Business Automation

  • Systemisation

  • Management Review & Governance

  • Operations Manuals & Checklists

  • Time Management

  • Software Tools

  • Customer Service

  • Creating Raving Fans

  • Ten Commandments Of Customer Service

  • Strategies, Tools & Techniques For Great Customer Service

  • People & Motivation

  • The 5 Spokes Of Colleague Engagement

  • Leadership & Behaviours

  • Person Profiling

  • 90 Steps To Employee Engagement & Staff Motivation

  • Operational Excellence - Lean & Kaizen

  • LEAN Principles

  • 5s

  • The 7 Wastes

  • The Standard Work Model

  • Process Mapping

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Costs & Cost Reduction

  • Analysis Of Your Spend

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Strategies To Reduce Your Costs

  • Next Steps

  • 5 Steps To Freedom Model

  • Personal Development

  • Business Coaching

  • World Class Materials

    Step-By-Step Documents Make It A Cinch For You To Apply Each Tactic

    All the tactics and strategies in your membership site are supported by 'paint-by-the-numbers' type videos, documents, easy implementation plans and checklists, making sure you apply each growth tactic successfully and easily into your own business.

    Tactics That Cost Zero To Apply...

    Perhaps the most significant aspect of this programme is that the tactics and strategies of the 9 Core Elements, cost ZERO to apply to your business. Every strategy and tactic is also both proven and sustainable

    Just by Transforming your existing Lead Generation, Conversion and Value of Each Customer each by a mere 13% and then adding more tactics and strategies to give another 13% improvement results in an increase of over 100%. 

    £495 one time

    Sign up today and get all of this for a one time payment of £495.  In addition to the online programme, if you sign up today we will give you our special bonuses below, absolutely free

    • Bonus #1, Your own copy of Business Is A Science book

    • Bonus #2, Monthly copy of our business improvement newsletter

    • Bonus #3, Complimentary 1-2-1 Coaching Session With A Business Growth Expert

    • Bonus #4, Scientific Marketing Makeover on a piece of your own marketing

    Sign Up Today....

    You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with our Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the materials and information supplied in this programme within 30 days then we will give you a no quibble 100% refund. Simply return the materials to us and we will instantly credit you with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.. We are absolutely 100% confident that you will grow your business with this programme.

    Sign Up Today & Get These Special FREE Bonuses With Your Program.

    Bonus #1: Hard Copy Book

    Your very own hard copy (not a digital download) of our book, Business Is A Science - The Proven Formula For Transforming Your Sales & Profit. Sent out to you within 24 hours of you joining the programme..  Over 300 pages of content that will help improve your sales and marketing efforts.

    Bonus #2: Improvement Journal

    12 months FREE subscription to our Monthly Improvement Journal titled, Business Is A Science.  Packed with tips, techniques and strategies to improve your business. Sent directly to your inbox every month. New tools, techniques and strategies every month in this 12 page journal. Simple low or no cost activities you can undertake in your business each month..

    Bonus #3: 1-2-1 Coaching Session

    Have a live 1-2-1 ZOOM Complimentary coaching session with your very own business growth expert. We will support you with you activity, review your plan and help address any challenges that you are having in your business.

    Bonus #4: Marketing Makeover

    Instantly And With Zero Cost... Improve Your Results From 25% - 550% (Often More) With the 'Scientific Marketing Makeover'.  There isn't a type of marketing strategy we can't transform with the Scientific Marketing Makeover. Our recommendation is you give us the strategy which you are spending the most on right now, followed by the home page of your website, but of course the choice is entirely yours.  The improvements could be worth hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands to you over a period of time. 

    Get All Of This When You Join Our Programme Today

    Over 30 Hours Of Video Training

    100's Of Pages Of Step By Step Playbooks

    Templates & Checklists To Make Things Easy

    What is it?

    This is our most comprehensive  programme for the passionate small business owner which takes them step by step through how to transform every element of their business.  It is a structured online programme which consists of step by step videos, playbooks, templates and checklists.

    Who is it for?

    This Business Is Not Luck End To End Business Transformation programme has been created using many years of business improvement experience.  It is aimed at business owners who are at a sticking point in their journey and need help to take them to the next level.

    Where does it happen?

    This is a purely online programme.   Learn without the inconvenience of physically leaving your business and at the pace that you prefer.   All of the materials are downloadable and the video training can be followed to suit your own rate of learning.  You can jump to elements of the programme that perhaps are more important to you than others.

    How does it work?

    Just pay for this package, we will send you your log on details and you get instant access to your bonuses and the Business Is Not Luck online programme.

    When does it start?

    Log in and start whenever you like, there is no time limit or pace. You set your own pace and you can go back over the materials as often as you like.

    Why does it exist?

    This programme is essential for small businesses that want to maximise their business performance across all areas of their enterprise.  It takes you through step by step how to implement the strategies and tactics easily and simply.  

    Yes!! YOU Too Can Learn How To Significantly Improve Your Business With EASE!

    Get more leads, increase sales, accelerate your growth and improve the value of your business... The Business Is Not Luck Programme Gives You Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Quickly & Cost Effectively.

    Get all of this today for the one time fee of £495 Get instant access to our unique online programme now and start to invest in growing your business..

    • Over 30 Hours Of First Class Online Training

    • 100's of Templates, checklists & playbooks

    • Unique Business Diagnostic & Report Unlocking The Profit Potential In Your Business

    • Limited time offer, 4 additional special bonuses


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